The calm before the storm

Captured that ‘blank page’ moment where you move from outlining a screenplay story, to formatting and writing it in Final Draft. It feels like the calm before the storm. The first of many peaks and troughs in the writing process. Here’s where you hope the outlining was worth the effort. Excited to start…here we go…

Guest on the 'Conversations with Friends' Podcast!

I recently got invited by entrepreneur and good friend of mine Ed Thomas, Co-Founder of, to be the first gues on the official VReel Podcast 'Conversations with Friends'. VReel is a super high quality and highly-curated drone stock footage platform - so it's an honour to be associated with VReel and even more fun to have a chat with my friend.

We spoke about my somewhat unconventional, 'around the houses', route to what I do now; filmmaking. I go over some of the hurdles I encountered along the way and the steps I took to overcome those challenges, as well as the challenges I still face to 'make it' in independent film.

I really hope you enjoy the podcast and get some value and insights. Huge thank you to Ed and Emelie Klasson at for having me on. You can listen to the Podcast below:


And read the original blog on the VReel Blog:

Image by Hattie Ellis


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