'British Farming' | Documentary Series

A refreshing, behind-the-scenes look at British Farming.

Key highlights:

  • 3 years of filmmaking
  • Featured repeatedly on BBC One’s Countryfile
  • Featured on ITV
  • 2 million viewers on YouTube
  • 15,000+ subscribers on YouTube

Produced, filmed, and edited by Josh Aarons + Rufus Denne – British Farming started out as a 12 month documentary following a small British Farm over the course of a year to see the highs and lows of what a year on a beef and sheep farm has to offer.

What was unexpected was the popularity and hilarity of Sarah Denne, the farm’s head honcho, whose hardworking nature, positive attitude, and passion for life have garnered her a small amount of online fame. Discover more on the British Farming website.


Creative Director


Camera Operator