Fabric - Henry Green - [incomplete]

Fabric is an incomplete music video that was due to be shot in 2020, but due to the pandemic, was unable to go ahead. Although unused or incomplete concepts are often forgotten or recycled, I wanted to share the treatment of this music video, despite its passing. This is the music video that never came to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fabric is a record that makes you feel like you’re in a dream. It’s hazy, intimate, and warm. Picture a couple entering an empty and abandoned school. It’s dusk and the orange light of the sunset is coming through a large set of windows.

Together the couple finds an old slide projector and a box of slides on the floor. She picks up the projector and he picks up the slides. They walk into a huge room with an empty swimming pool. The sun nears its last light and inside it’s getting dark. Separately but in sync, they slide into the empty pool and set up the projector.

The slides show intimate photographs of a couple. They are happy. They are close. They see each other.

The couple sits separately in the pool, watching the slides as the unsettled dust creates tiny speckles in the air.

As the record reaches the final third, the couple’s clothing suddenly begins to soak with water from the inside out, causing the loose-fitting fabric to cling to their skin and bring transparency. As their clothing reveals their true form, they begin to see each other again, their distance shrinks and flows into a water-like interpretive dance as the pair metaphorically swim around each other. Finally, they arrive in each other’s arms.

Lots of creative projects were lost in 2020 and lots more created. Although many creative concepts are often forgotten or recycled, I wanted to share my vision of Fabric despite never being able to finish it.

Project Role: Creative Director, Director + Producer

Year: 2020

Client: Henry Green + Akira Records