'One Minute Left To Live' | LANY | Spec

This is a concept for LANY’s ‘One Minute Left To Live’, delivered to the artist as a spec treatment for future music videos.

Treatment Summary

This record is a wistful reflection on time and the inevitability of death. This video will create a moment of reflection for the audience as they experience 1 minute of life over an extended timeframe of 3 mins 13 secs.

It will allow the audience to experience the beauty of the overlooked and under-appreciated that life in real-time cruelly doesn’t allow us to enjoy. Yet, all of life’s details become visible, savoured, and important for those whose time is limited.

This video concept celebrates the minutia of life and will juxtapose the melancholy of the record with the risk, thrill and joy of friends cliff diving into the ocean.


Treatment PDF

Spec Treatment – Submitted

Year: 2022

Client: LANY