'Outside' | Henry Green

The concept for ‘Outside’ revolves around a metaphorical construct symbolizing the mental confines of the protagonist. The video seamlessly transitions between studio and outdoor settings, underscoring the simultaneous ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ nature of the mind’s limitations while highlighting the potency of true presence.

The track’s lyrics express a dual longing for literal and metaphorical exploration, forming the central theme of the concept – a state of detachment.

The central character, a young woman, has erected mental barriers that disconnect her from the external world. Her absence robs her of life’s offerings, connections, opportunities, and the joy of the present. The concept will capture the protagonist’s frustration, struggle and evolution from confinement to liberation.

The Structure

The narrative design includes the ‘Structure’ as a significant secondary character, prominently featured in the video’s visuals and concept. The 3D renders below showcase the Structure made from CLS timber and painted in black alongside the final result. The structure was constructed by hand by myself.

Treatment Summary

The “Outside” music video starts in a pristine white studio, transitioning to a captivating outdoor scene. A troubled young woman battles her inner conflicts, represented by her interaction with an empty photo frame and a symbolic structure.

Her frustration mounts as she throws a photo frame against an illusory wall, leading to an immediate shift to a  outdoor setting. She fights to escape the confines of the imaginary room but fails.

Day turns to night, and amid white rope lights, the structure gains new significance against the darkness.

Upon spotting the frame again, she boldly steps through the wall, accompanied by the song’s building momentum. With a triumphant smile, she comprehends her breakthrough.

The climax returns to a vibrant daytime backdrop, where she sprints with newfound energy, leaving the structure behind as a symbol of her liberation. The video concludes with her empowered expression and the fading structure, signifying her triumph.

Music Video

Year: 2023

Client: Henry Green // Akira Records