SAPPLE⸺ Branding

Consumer consciousness and luxury are often at odds, SAPPLE stands as a pioneering brand that harmonises these elements.

The challenge was to create an online retail brand that resonates with the modern consumer’s dual demand for sustainability and luxury. The ambition was to craft not just products but experiences, a lifestyle brand suffused with emotion and a narrative that speaks to the heart of the consumer.

SAPPLE began with a vision to redefine the essence of body and abode essentials. We seek to create products that not only epitomise elegance but also embody the principles of sustainability and functionality.


Strategic Vision + Creative Direction

Brand Design + Innovative Packaging

E-commerce Website Design + Build

Content Creation + Curation

Marketing + Advertising Strategy

Photography + Video Production

As Creative Director, I approached this challenge holistically, steering SAPPLE with a strategy that encompassed every facet of brand and product development.

I have crafted a narrative of vision and voice, curating products and digital brand experiences that resonate with a more conscious and concientious society. Every element has been meticulously curated.

At the heart of SAPPLE’s innovation lies the AM/PM Philosophy. This philosophy transcends the conventional, crafting a sensory journey that aligns with the ebb and flow of our daily lives. This innovative approach not only distinguishes SAPPLE in the marketplace but also resonates with a growing audience seeking balance in their fast-paced lives.

I’ve led a comprehensive marketing strategy for SAPPLE, utilising platforms from social media to newsletters, along with digital advertising on Meta, Google, and Pinterest, to boost brand visibility and build a loyal customer base. Since its launch, SAPPLE has seen consistent growth under my direction, expanding its product range and setting the stage for new launches in Q1 of 2024. We’re now poised for further expansion, including entering international markets, exploring pop-up retail opportunities and developing partnerships with boutique lodgings and businesses.