'Uyuni' | Henry Green

The music video for “Uyuni” celebrates the harmonious connection between Earth and sky, using the breathtaking backdrop that pays homage to the mirror-like salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia.

The video featured Bakani Pick-Up’s captivating interpretive dance and considered camera angles and colour to capture the audience’s imagination, leaving them with a sense of awe and a deeper appreciation for this moment where the tangible meets the intangible.

That unique moment where everything blends into one – ‘where the earth meets the sky’.

Treatment Summary

In the early dawn, the camera frames water and reflections, introducing interpretive dancer Bakani preparing for his performance in the ‘Familiarity’ costume. His fluid movements mirror water ripples, symbolizing Earth-sky connection. The Bridge scene shows Bakani’s skyward-reaching gestures, reflecting unity, leading to a water leap reflecting an inner journey.

Amidst climactic music, Bakani’s final pose embodies Earth-sky fusion. Leaping against the vast sky, he becomes one with it. The serene outro focuses on lyrics, ambient sounds, and the expansive location. As Bakani’s presence endures, the video fades, invoking awe for the tangible and intangible bond.

Music Video

Year: 2023

Client: Henry Green // Akira Records